Washcloth Set of 8

Baby Washcloths
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(Gift Wrapping Available)

Our set of washcloths contains 8 washcloths - one for each day of the week plus an extra.

We have also found a ton of extra uses:

  • Tuck one in your eyeglass case, car glove box, purse, desk, or briefcase as an eyeglass cleaning cloth. They are super soft, plus bright and colorful so they'll be easy to find.
  • Dampen and place inside a plastic zipper top baggie and keep in the freezer - great for boo boos or even for teething
  • Also for boo boos - wrap one around a single ice cube
  • Before baby is old enough for a toothbrush, use at bathtime to massage gums and wipe down new teeth
  • Dampen and place inside a plastic zipper top baggie and take on the road with you as washable, reusable wipes - take to restaurants, play dates, etc.
  • Use as diaper wipes with your own homemade, environmentally and skin friendly wipe solution

Each washcloth is approximately 6.5 inches square. Our washcloths come in a variety pack of mixed prints and solids - you choose the gender, we'll choose the fabrics based on what is currently available.