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Larger sized blankets for toddlers can be hard to find - baby blankets are too small, and twin-sized bed blankets are too large so we've created a fun and soft "in-between" sized blanket for toddlers. Not too small, and not too big.  Many of our customers use our Toddler Blankets (Supersize) for daycare or preschool nap time along with our Toddler Pillows, and our Preschool Nap Mat Sheets. Also great for use as a toddler blanket for the toddler bed.

Our Toddler Blankets are sewn with care using 100% cotton flannel that gets softer after each washing. We carefully select fabrics that your toddler will love - bright colors, fun designs, and extra soft for cuddling.  Now available with Personalization to add your child's name - makes a perfect gift and great for daycare or preschool.

Toddler blankets are single-sided and measure approx. 60" x 44" and go great with a matching Toddler Pillow!  Please inquire about double-sided toddler blankets.

Personalized Toddler Pillows
Toddler Blanket (Supersize) with Toddler Pillow

This set features one of our popular toddler pillow sets (toddler pillow insert plus a pillowcase) with a matching Toddler size (supersize 60" x 44") blanket. The perfect sized toddler blanket and pillow!

$32.50 - $51.40
toddler blanket
Toddler Blanket (Supersize)

Our name-sake baby blankets in a larger size for Toddlers (60" L x 44" W)

$17.00 - $32.00