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Our baby security blankets are made out of our soft, 100% flannel fabrics in a variety of cute designs, with a single satin lined corner for an additional interesting texture and comfort. Our security blankets measure 17" x 21" and are the perfect size for carrying around without the bulk of a large stuffed animal or regular sized blanket. If your child is already a fan of our toddler pillows and toddler blankets, this is a great way to get a smaller, more portable version of that familiar comfort object. Paired with a matching standard size blanket, our security blankets also make a cute and unique gift item for baby showers or newborns. Personalization available.

security blanket
Security Blanket Bips

Security blanket, lovey (lovie), silkie, or blankie - I'm sure you have your own name for them. We call our lovies or security blankets "Bips" - a Chip off the 'ole Blanket.

$7.50 - $14.45