Security Blanket Bips

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As you might have guessed, our Bips are smaller versions of our popular baby blankets and make the perfect security blankie for your child.

Our Bips feature satin trim on one corner for added texture, interest, and tactile stimulation. Our Bips are the perfect size (17" x 21") for tucking into a diaper bag or pocket, won't drag on the floor as your child carries them, great travel size, and they are made in the same soft flannel and fun patterns as our regular blankets and pillows, plus that extra special single satin corner. And if your child is already attached to one of our blankets or toddler pillows, this is the perfect way to get a smaller, travel-sized version of that comfort object that your child will recognize.

We allow you to customize your Bips by choosing from our large selection of 100% cotton flannels, and then choosing the color of satin trim.

Did You Know? About 60% of toddlers use comfort or security objects – most choose an item with silky and nubby textures to provide sensory satisfaction. Child development experts agree that a comfort object is a great asset for children and parents. Attachment to a “lovie”, usually beginning around 8-12 months, represents a big leap in intellectual and emotional development for a child - they are learning to understand symbols and to "invent" something of their own – the lovie becomes a symbol of love and comfort that is tangible. Children who have learned to use lovies can find comfort anywhere and can take control of their own comfort. Read more about toddlers use of lovies or comfort objects.

"A lovie has real emotional importance to a child. Like a true friend, a lovie is familiar, accepting, and faithful. It is the guarantee of safety and security; it promises a parent’s return.”