"We love the Graco Pack N Play and other playpens for their convenience. . . with one exception: those darn cheap sheets! The sheets that come with most playpens are easily pulled off by active babies and the thin, low-thread count cotton makes them a cold place for baby during winter months. To the rescue comes Mr. Bobbles' Blankets, which besides their namesake blankets, also makes a No-Slip Playard Sheet for $19. We had a reader give this product a test-run and the verdict was positive. Made of 100% cotton flannel, the "very soft" sheets come in "cute fabrics" and "held up well after several washings," said our reviewer. And true to its claims, it does not slip off the mattress--the sheet is designed like a pillow sham so it doesn't easily pull off the corners. Rating: A"

-- Baby Bargains - New York Times calls "The bible for new parents!" Authored by Denise & Alan Fields, consumer advocates featured on Oprah, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and Dateline NBC.

Reviews by Bloggers:

We have worked with numerous bloggers - here is a small sampling. Many of these reviews have excellent pictures of our products in use. (please note many of these reviews were done under our old brand name Mr. Bobbles' Blankets)

Customer Reviews

"First let me extend my compliments for such a great product. We read about your play yard sheets from Baby Bargains and I ordered a pair when I was expecting my son in 2006. I loved them and they became my standard shower gift. The folllowing year when my sister-in-law was expecting I included one of the blankets with the sheets. After the initial couple of newborn months, it was the only receiving blanket they could use to still swaddle and wrap around their little girl. I wished I had that when I had my son and dropped hints when pregnant with my daughter. I wish you continued success "

- Heather, Burke, VA

"Just wanted to send you a quick note, to let you know I received my order and love everything! I’ve already washed all the blankets and pillowcases and the fabrics washed very well, and the bright vibrant colors and adorable prints are just oh so cute. The workmanship of the embroidery is wonderful and I really like the large block style font #2 (san serif) you helped me to pick out (outstanding customer service!!!). My 2 year old son immediately recognized his name on the pillowcases and blankets, and was so excited. Thank you again for making such wonderful and beautifully crafted products, and I really appreciated the personalized customer service, you provided. I highly recommend your products and would definitely place another order."

- Lisa - Columbia, MD

"Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products! I'm a mom of twin toddlers and small business owner in a small town, so I do a lot of my shopping on the web. I love finding top-notch customer service and quality products, but have a hard time finding those attributes
together in a web-based business. So thanks for doing both so well!

I pass on your info whenever other moms I know are looking for products like yours and every time one of my boys drags out his toddler pillow when we have company over. Everyone wants to know, "where did you get that cute pillow?". The pillows are perfect for my boys and we've actually tossed out our old (expensive) {catalog store} baby pillows when we got yours. They were way too firm and too full - the boys hated them! They absolutely love yours. Thanks again for the great products. We'll be back for more again soon!"

- Emily - Enterprise, AL

"We received the package today and my son is thrilled – he just loves your pillows and was thrilled to see the new arrivals as well as the new sheets. Thanks so much and I look forward to ordering more for friends as well as my little one in the future. All the best,"


"We got the pillow and blanket when we got back from vacation. I love it and Hailey sleeps with it every night. Hugs her pillow like it is her new "lovey". Thanks for the product, it is perfect."

- Ann

"We have loved your is always a thrill to give a pillow to a toddler. From this shipment, I gave one to my nephew. He instantly ran into his room, climbed into his bed and rolled around with his pillow, smiling the whole time."

- Corrin

"I just wanted to tell you that I received the order and Love all the items! This is my first time to order with your company, but it will certainly not be the last! Great blankets and other products!
Thank you very much, and hats off to you -- I was so pleased with the items!!"

- Claire

"I had to write to tell you that my 5 year old twin boys have used their toddler pillows for over three years now and they still LOVE them and they are in great condition. The pillow cases have remained in excellent condition through many washings, and now I am thrilled to order one for my little girl, who will be turning one soon. These are the perfect size pillows for little ones and they're great to take in the car or airplane on long trips. Thank you!"

- Stacy - Oak Hill, VA

"Thank you so much. I received my order today and both my son and I LOVE them. He will not put down the work zone blanket. It seems like such good quality that is so hard to find these days. Thank you and I will be ordering again!"


"We received the sheet and all yesterday and absolutely love it! My daughter thinks it is soooooo pretty, she says. I have been talking about it to several friends and have given your website to 3 different friends today. By the way they talk, they will be ordering the sheet and pillow with case, maybe even the blanket. Again, thank you SO much for doing this for us. It is so pretty.

- Haley

"We just got our pillow and I wanted to write and say that we love it. We originally bought a {catalog store} pillow, but it was too fluffy for our daughter's tiny neck. Yours is just perfect. The pillowcase is also great -- the material is very soft. I will definitely send your link to my friends with toddlers! Thanks!"
- Kari

"I want to to let you know, that I'm very pleased with my son's new pillow and so is he! I was using a regular pillow and it just seemed to big. This new one is perfect. And he loves the moon's on his pillow case. I was also very surprised of how fast it arrived at my door step. What a great little company you have. I'll be referring you to my girlfriends."

- Brandie and Zachary

"My 18-month-old daughter loves her pillow! In fact, "pillow" was one of her first words. We have to take it downstairs in the morning and bring it back up for naptime and bedtime. I'm going to have to buy another one!"

- Carol B.

"Thank you so much! I am VERY pleased with the quality of the pillow and pillow cases that I received today. I will recommend your products to my friends. Thanks again! Sincerely, Lisa "

"Just wanted to let you know that the pillow and cases are perfect. So glad I ordered them for my granddaughter. Thanks & keep up the good work!"

- Robin

"I received the two pillows and cases already -- shipping was FAST! My 16-month old daughter Olivia now sleeps with her monkey pillow every night and absolutely LOVES it. Just the perfect size, shape, everything. I'm a super-satisfied customer. THANKS!"
- Katy

"Thank you so much for the toddler pillow with the Pink Celestial fabric pillow case and nap mat cover.The fabric is so soft and the pattern is adorable! The pillow really is just the right size for my daughter. She absolutely loves it! I love the extra flap of fabric on the inside of the pillow case. It is a wonderful feature! It keeps the pillow within the pillow case as my daughter carries it around with her everywhere she goes! Nap time is becoming easier. Whenever she gets the least bit tired she immediately finds her mat and snuggles down with her pillow. The fabric is so soft my daughter seems to be very comfortable. With the less-fill pillow she seems to sleep more peacefully with less waking up to adjust her head. Thanks for your wonderful product and prompt and courteous service. "
- Tonya - Lebanon, PA

"Thanks so much for such wonderful products! They work wonderfully for daycare in the hot Las Vegas climate (and worked well when we lived in Virginia as well). My daughter loves her playmat sheets and toddler blankets and all the ladies in my son's room remark on his great blankets ("just the right size"). They also work well for nursing, as they are easy to pack into small spaces to take on the run and my son doesn't get too hot underneath the blanket. I love your products and plan to order some gifts for a couple folks who will be having baby girls in the near future."

- Michele, Las Vegas, NV

"I just adore the new "animals on green" fabric. My 5 year old got his Mr. Bobbles' Blankets pillow the Christmas he moved into a big bed. He has loved it ever since, sleeps with it every night still and takes it on every road trip. Now my 2 year old wants to be just like his big brother... in every way, no matter how impractical. But at least a big-boy pillow is something I can manage. And a hand-written note on the packing slip... wow... don't see that too often these days! I was so glad to see that you were still in business, and I hope that things are going well. "
- Jen, Mountain View, CA

"We received the toddler pillow and cases today. They are great! Our son loves them and will be taking them with him on Wednesday to his first day of nursery school. Thank you again for wonderful service! "
- Sherri, Durham, NH

"I received the blanket, pillow and fabric today. I love it! Thanks you so much for taking the time to work with me on this. It is so refreshing to work with a company that gives you such amazing personal attention like yours. We will treasure this pattern for some time. Thanks again."
- Shannon, Lexington, MA

"I wanted to thank you for your help with my order. Not only are the sheets adorable and incredibly soft, we received them in record time! I have a feeling that the playard sheets will perform beautifully and last a long time. I'll be sure to tell all my friends about them and your website. And your service is truly wonderful! Thank you so much! "
- Alex, Waltham, MA

"I wanted to let you know that I received the pillows on Friday - thank you so much for your help. The pillows and cases are even cuter than I thought they would be, and my children love them. The variety of fabrics to choose from was great, and I know that we will be visiting your website more in the future. Again, I appreciate your assistance so much."
- Rebecca, Spencer, WV

"I have to tell you that I am truly satisfied with the toddler pillows and the designer fabric pillow cases that I purchased from you. They are perfect. I've looked high and low for the perfect toddler pillow to no avail until now. I will be purchasing 2 more when I get time. I have 2yr old twin boys and I bought them for nursery. I want 2 more for home. I am also going to look more closely at your other products.......thank you so much. Finally someone that truly delivers quality. Thank you
- Laura - Sarasota, FL

"Just wanted to let you know that the pillow and blanket set was a hit with my little cousin! She loved the pink butterflies and the soft fabric. Quite a few of the mothers at the birthday party yesterday asked where I found the pillow and blanket set so I recommended your website!"
- Nancy - Auburn, WA

"We got the playard sheets today and my wife was THRILLED with them. They fit so well, are so soft and look awesome too! Thanks so much and we will definitely order from you again. My wife works at a preschool/daycare center and she is going to post your "About Us" from your website and one of the cards that came with the blankets on their bulletin board. "
- Larry and Mary - Port Orchard, WA

"My son has had drainage from his ears for 9 days now (got tubes 7 months ago, thank goodness!) and the doctor recommended that he use a pillow. My son loves the pillow and fun pillow cases. His ears are feeling much better after a round of antibiotic ear drops and the elevation of his if those 2 year molars would just pop through!!!"
- MeLissa - Waupaca, WI

"I placed my first order with you a little over a year ago for a yellow toddler pillow with green frogs on it. That pillow has become one of my 2 year old daughter’s best friends! She sleeps with it, lays on it to watch TV and takes it in the car. It has been a great source of comfort for her. I now have a second daughter and recently placed an order for a pillow for her. We received it today and it is adorable! I love the princess on pink material. Thanks again for the great care you put into your products!"
- Angela, Amber and Ashlyn - Seagoville, TX

"Our son absolutely loves his pillows.... We have two pillows and at least 3 cases. Everyone at his preschool is always asking about his pillows and I highly recommend your company. Thanks again for such a great product!"
- Michelle - Santee, CA

"We just received our pillow and pillowcases today. I immediately washed the cases and my son is using his pillow as I write this. He's been asleep for two hours and it hasn't been thrown out of the crib yet, so I'm hoping it will help him sleep better. Thanks for providing such a great product. I'm going to order another one because he liked cuddling it in his little chair while watching his Elmo DVD and I don't want to have to drag the same pillow up and down the stairs all day!"
- Carol - NJ

"I loved the large toddler blankets and wanted to share with you that my daughter now knows (at 9 months old) that her blankee means "nighty night"! She has learned to self soothe on her own and once the blanket is laid down, she rolls over and drifts off to sleep in no time! I've just ordered back-up ones so that just in case it's her cue, we don't want to mess up a good thing while doing the wash! Thanks!"
- Linda - Douglaston, NY

"We used your play pen cover and blanket while we were in the Smokies last week. They are fantastic - I'm so pleased I found you! I love the bold patterns and that the material is 100% cotton and yet so soft! I have been looking for large swaddling blankets for a while - I've swaddled Tom since we brought him back from hospital and it's still the only way I can get him to sleep - now that he's 26" long most ordinary swaddles just don't work, so your blankets are a perfect discovery. Thank you."
- Anne & Tom - St Petersburg, FL

"I just wanted to make sure you know how great your products have worked out for our girls. My girls are twins, almost 3. My parents got them toddler pillows for Christmas. Not only did they get the toddler pillows, but blankets as well. At first I thought the girls would have trouble with which pattern we would give them, but not at all. The first one or two weeks the girls would not be separated from the pillows and blankets where ever they went. But now we have settled into a routine. They have they pillows at nap time and bed time, and at nap time I cover them with their blankies. They love them. They are so soft and cuddly. I know I read all about it, but still didn't have any idea what it was really going to be like. Worth every penny!!!! Thank you so much! We also love our allergen covers, I sleep better knowing the girls are taken care of and since they have been sensitive since birth, it makes things easier for them as well!! Take care and keep up the great work!!!!"

"I just received the order...and I love it !!!! It will make our trip to Grandma's and Grandpa's complete. I will refer you to my family and friends as we have lots of lil one's that could use these products. My daughter loved the blanket and pillow for her pack and play. The color and design made it look homemade and she now says
"comfy cozeeee" when she gets into her pack and play. Thanks again for your help in rushing our order. It really was so easy to struggling like with her crib sheets and stayed in tact (which is surprising considering how active my lil one is.) Well Done !"
- Rosemary - Garner, NC

"We received the pillow yesterday and I had to immediately wash it so that Benjamin could sleep on it that very night. I love the soft, all natural 100% cotton flannel material. It wears well. And he LOVES the pattern. We bought a toddler pillow from you a while back with a couple of pillow cases. One has a pattern of planes and helicopters - another favorite. One of my son's most prized possesions is his toddler pillow. When he comes to cuddle us with us in bed in the morning, he always brings it along.

Thanks so much for setting up BobbleRoos. We live in a shopping mall rich area in Colorado but I have not been able to find such adorable toddler bedding as I have on your web site.".
- Frances - CO

"Just wanted to tell you how much we love your playard sheets. They are so snuggly that my son has no problem falling asleep. We used it for the first time last week on a trip to his grandparents and we were thrilled how well it worked for us. In fact, we are now using the playard for naps in the morning (something that we couldn't do before). I have just ordered another one today and am planning on ordering more in the future for shower gifts. Thanks for the great product!"
- Lisa - Appleton, WI "I received the pillows I ordered for my twins yesterday and they absolutely love them! The fabric is adorable and so soft for them. We bought them as a way to get rid of pacifiers ( they are 20 months-old). We traded the pacifiers for the pillows last night and they went to bed with no problem! We will definitely be ordering more pillowcases in the future! Thank you again!"
- Sarah - Canton, MI "We love your product and have recommended it to all our friends that have newborns at home - the blankets are so big unlike the store bought blankets - it easy to swaddle the baby in them...we had underestimated as to how many blankets we needed once our baby came home!"
- Suranji - Round Rock, TX "My order arrived today and I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous blankets, burp cloths and play mats. My 6 and 4 year old sons LOVED their oversized police/fire engine blankets and used them tonight while watching tv in their beds....and my 7 month old is having a wonderful time looking at the busy farm animal prints and enjoys teething on the blanket's end....everything was a hit! Loving the "Woof" and "Traffic" patterns and need to find a moment to place an order for two more oversized blankets later this week......"
- Kelly - Centerpoint, NY "I wanted to thank you for the beautiful craftmanship on the playard sheet & burp cloths. We are getting lots of use from the burp cloths, both for that purpose and as mini blankies in the swing. I'm really glad I tracked down your website after reading about it in baby bargains."
- Clara - Westboro, MA "I just wanted to let you know that I received the pillow & 2 cases I ordered. When I took the pillow out to show my daughter, she squealed with delight since her old pillow had to be thrown out. The pillow is wonderful - just the right size for her & cushy enough to make her smile. And the pillow cases are so soft! I will definitely be telling my friends about you!"
- Tammie - Coral Springs, FL "I just received my second order of BobbleRoos and they are again PERFECT! I am so excited that I found your site and I know that all of the baby gifts that I give in the future will come from you. I only wish I had found you sooner! Thanks for such a great product."
- Chanda - Center, TX "The pillows came Monday! Thank you for sending them out so promptly! The past 2 nights she has slept great!! Thank you so much!!"
- Megan - New Enterprise, PA "I love my new play yard sheets..... they work great and are so comfy... my baby girl took a LONG nap in there the other day and she seems to be more comfy.... so glad I found you guys on the internet and will be ordering some for my girlfriend's new baby soon!"
- Anne - Jupiter, FL "I just received the pillows I ordered on Tuesday. First, I've never gotten a delivery so quickly and second, my 2 year old granddaughter just loves the pillows. They are just her size and she just cuddled right up to them as soon as we took them out of the box--which we found waiting for us when I picked her up from her babysitter this afternoon. She took one home with her and left one here for her naps. My daughter is thrilled with them too since they can be washed and they are just the right size, no more stealing the worn, beat up pillow that my daughter has had for years! Now she has her very own and she was quite attached to it by the time she left this evening."
- Roxanne - Eldersburg, MD "We just received our toddler pillow and my daughter loves it! She is 13 months old and we recently discovered she needed her very own pillow, since she loves laying her head on ours. As soon as I opened the box, I layed the pillow on the floor and she immediately layed her head on it and went "ahhhhh". It was so sweet. Thank you for the prompt service and the great product! "
- Angela and Amber - Seagoville, TX "Just wanted to let you know my daughter (2 yrs) loves her pillow!! I am sooo happy it is machine washable; the reason we have to buy a new one is because she thought it would be funny to take her diaper off while standing on her pillow, and, well, you can imagine what happened shortly hereafter! Thanks for making a great product!"
- Kris - Eau Claire, WI "Thank you so much for the toddler pillow with pink poodle fabric! It's adorable! If every business was as prompt and professional as yours the world would be a better place. And that's a true compliment coming from a business owner. I'm sure you've heard all kinds of stories associated with the use of your adorable line of products but this may be a first. I was recently involved in an automobile accident and during the course of my physical therapy my doctor suggested a buckwheat pillow roll for my neck and a pediatric pillow to support the upper portion of my head. I was having difficulty finding pediatric pillows until I discovered your website. Mr. Bobbles' Blankets came to the rescue and I can't wait to try out my new pillow tonight. Thank you for helping to make my New Year a happy one."
-- Sheri - CA "I received my play mat several days ago and am sooooo pleased with it. I hope my son enjoys it as much as I think he will at Christmas. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family!"
-- Wendy - Post Falls, ID "The pillows arrived today, and they are great! Just the right size, and the fabrics are so soft and pretty. The kids love them -- first they played "going to bed" on the living room floor, and now they are really in bed, pillows and all. Thanks!"
-- Elizabeth - Silver Spring, MD "I just had to write to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase of your Toddler Pillow. It is exactly what I was looking for. My son loves his little pillow and during the day loves to carry it around. It is so soft and cuddly. I couldn't believe how quickly we received it - 2 days from across the country. If only all companies could ship that fast. Thanks so much!"
-- Jennifer P. - Twentynine Palms, CA " I just wanted to let you know that my son loves his new toddler pillow! He carries it around with him everywhere he goes! I love the soft fabric of the pillow cases and the pattern is adorable. I definately recommend your products to all of my friends. Thanks again for everything. I will definately order from you again. Wishing you continued success!"
-- Kim D. - Albuquerque, NM< "We received our package promptly and are absolutely thrilled. Your workmanship is excellent, plus those extra elements of caring and pride were sent along, too. We are soooo looking forward to the remainder of our order that will bring along with it the lagniappe of your burp cloth."
-- Leah W - Baton Rouge, LA "Thank you! The pillowcases fit perfectly and my children LOVE them.
You are THE BEST at customer service and a joy to do business with."
-- Irene Y. - La Crescenta, CA "I received the pillow today for my daughter. I just wanted you to know how excited I was when I opened the box. It is absolutely great! In fact, I'm jealous and want one for myself (bigger of course!). The quality< is exceptional, and the fabric is just too soft for words. I can't wait to try other products of yours. Kudos from one mom to another!"
-- Deanna T. - Wilmington, DE "I ordered two of your play yard sheets and a pillow back in the spring. We used the play yard sheets all summer for vacations and overnights. What an improvement over the scratch, unsafe sheets sold in the stores!! I can't tell you how many people asked for your website to order some for their kids. Although we don't give the pillow to my daughter in the crib (yet), she loves to carry it around and flop down on it in the playroom."
-- Heather M. - Sudbury, MA "I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter loves her Toddler pillow.
She won't sleep without it! It was exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely recommend one for my sister when her 3 month old is old enough."
-- Cristine B - Largo, FL "My order was delivered yesterday evening, and I'm delighted and totally satisfied with it. To add to my joy, my son Ty was equally thrilled with all of the covers - especially the one with the trains Thanks for taking such good care of us. I look forward to talking to my friends about your company, as well as to shopping again. When I realised that I needed to find another Hey Diddle Diddle pillow cover, I thought that I would never be able to, so when I did a search and came across your website, it was like a God-send. I know that sounds a little dramatic, but as I'm sure you can relate, when it comes to one's child, no effort is too big. I thought I'd be looking forever!"
-- Leanne M., Trumbull, CT "We absolutely love the pillow cases, pillows and blanket. I received them last Friday and within five minutes I had them in the wash. I just couldn't wait for my son to use them. He's been using them every day and night since and he also enjoys taking them from room to room with him. I found him under the kitchen table the other day all curled up with the pillow. The fabrics are wonderful! You did a great job making these and I've already started spreading the word to people about your website. I know that I will back for more in the near future. Great job...keep up the good work!"
-- Lorie A. -- Maplewood, MN "Today we received our order. That was fast! My daughter tried out the playmat with her cars and airplanes right away. And we all love the airplane print on the pillow, blanket, and playard sheet. So far, we've always tried to wrap big sheets around the pack and play mattress and it always gets messed up. What a great idea for a product! Unpacking our goodies I was impressed with the nice packaging. This would make a great gift for some of our friends with babies. I will definitely keep BobbleRoos in mind. Great product, fast shipping and wonderful customer service!"
-- Linda W - Newfields, NH "I couldn't be happier with your products. The fabric is so soft and cute. Carson latched right on to the Big Movers pillow, and his four year old sister decided she would claim the Curious George pillow for herself. It looks like we might have to visit your site again and order some girly cases! Thank you. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."
-- Michelle S. -- Weippe, ID "Just wanted to let you know that the pillows arrived on Friday and were the key for us to get rid of my 2-year old daughter's binky! She loves her "big girl" pillow and I love the quality of the pillowcases. The other pillow I ordered is for my niece's birthday but I think I will have to order another so that my daughter has one she can keep at "school", too."
-- Kate H. -- Sutton, MA "Thank you for a GREAT quality product! I wish my own pillow was so pretty. I like every detail about it: the scalloped sewing, the envelope design, the fabric quality, and even the pretty fabric prints. And great idea to put the label inside, so I know where to go to order more!"
-- Elizabeth S. -- Temecula, CA "My daughter is 7 and I needed to find a replacement for her original toddler pillow (a pillow she received when she moved into a big girl bed at 2 years old). It was literally falling to pieces, after so much love. I'm so glad I found your company. I will definately keep you in mind when I need a baby gift."
-- Pam B. -- Maple Valley, WA "I received my order and everything is absolutely adorable! The fabric was really soft already, but after 1 washing, it seems to be 100x softer. Noelle will probably never let her blankets out of her sight!"
-- Lauren E. -- Richmond, VA "I love the blankets and pillows. They are so cute. I gave Aidan his blanket and pillow for his 4th birthday. He had to sleep with them immediately, and then we took them to his school for nap time. Thank you again!"
-- Holly M. -- Glen Allen, VA "We received the package yesterday. The playard sheets are beautiful quality!
And the blanket is lovely and will be put to good use. We will certainly pass on your contact details to anyone that we know looking for baby blankets. "
-- Brian L. -- Dublin, Ireland (our first customer in Ireland!) "My order arrived yesterday. My son absolutely LOVES his new pillow! He won't leave it in his crib... he had to take it everywhere we went last nite when we went out Christmas shopping. I love the prints and the quality of the pillowcases. I may have to order another one to send to daycare with him. Thank you again!"
-- Sheryl -- Dracut, MA Well, Sheryl DID place another order along with more feedback - Thanks Sheryl!

"I received my second order and I love it! The dino pillow case is soooo cute!
He was very excited to see dino's on his pillow! And I really like the new style of case... very good idea! So thank you again for your wonderful products! I will cherish them even in years to come. I'm not one to get rid of things that give me nice memories!"
-- Sheryl -- Dracut, MA

"Our 3 year old daughter still loves your blankets! Bedtime, doesn't matter. Once she snuggles up to a Mr. Bobbles' Blanket, it's lights out! My newborn also had to have a Mr. Bobbles' six pack. They're soft, cute, and washable."
-- The Taylor Family -- Orlando, FL "Not only are these blankets cute, they are soft and durable. I have to wash them often (my 6-month old daughter has reflux) and they come out of the wash softer than before, without losing their color/design."
-- Leigh Anne -- Virginia Beach, VA "Mr. Bobbles' Blankets has the absolute cutest fabric selections I have seen!
There are way too many fun and whimsical styles to choose from. We have two blankets, one is the pale orange blanket with the sweet little lamb and the other is the one with the cow jumping over the moon. My 14 month old loves her Mr. Bobbles' Blankets and she really does love to 'Cuddle Up' with them. Thank Renee!"
-- Colleen -- Bel Air, MD