Embroidery Fonts and Personalization


  •  Personalized Toddler Pillows and Blankets - We are now offering personalization/embroidery on our our toddler  pillowcases, Bips (security blankets), standard size receiving blankets,  supersize toddler blankets, playard sheets, crib sheets, and burp  cloths. We will also personalize other products at your request - just  email us and we'll let you know if it's possible as well as a give you a  price quote.
  • Lines of Text and Placement - Personalization can be any 2 lines of text (up to 12 characters each  line - birth dates are fine) or we can do initials or monograms.
  • Personalization placement may vary by item - on pillowcases we will  place the name above the "hem" on the opening, for blankets and Bips -  across one corner; nap mat sheets will be embroidered across the head or  foot area. Typically we will select the best location but feel free to  let us know if you have a special request.


NOTE: On our colorful/busier printed fabrics, Fun Block, Whimsy, or Clean Block are your best choices - these are our boldest fonts and stand out the best against busy prints. Also, make sure you choose a contrasting color rather than a matching color. We are happy to provide our input on font/color selections.

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Thread Colors

We have a wide variety of thread colors available including white,  pink, blue, green, yellow, red. Feel free to let us know your  preference, or we will work to find a fabric that compliments the colors  of the fabric and stands out nicely against the colors. In general,  most of our fabrics are colorful and vibrant so a bolder, contrasting  (rather than matching) thread typically stands out the best against our  fabrics.

How to Order Personalized Items

The items that are eligible for personalization are set up in the  shopping cart with up to 2 lines to type in your text or initials with  the additional charges listed beneath. The shopping cart will add the  additional charge per line entered - in most cases the cost is $6.95 per  line. For items that are sold in a set, we are offering one line of  text on each (each item can be a different name or monogram), or you can  choose to just have one item in the set personalized. If you leave a  line blank, you will not be charged for that line. Feel free to use the  Special Instructions field (appears during checkout) to specify any  preferences on colors, fonts, placement, etc.

Processing Time and Returns

Please allow an additional 3-5 days (in additon to our standard  processing time) to process any order that contains personalization.  Please note that all personalized items are conisdered Custom Items and  are not returnable/exchangable unless they are defective.

Embroidery fonts for personalization

Embroidery fonts for personalization