How do I place an order? What forms of payment do you accept? How is payment handled?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover through our online shopping cart system. We also offer an Express Checkout for customers wishing to pay with their PayPal account. If you prefer to not pay online, please contact us via email of phone for payment options (phone-in credit card payment or mail-in money order or cashier's check). Please also note that because many of our items are sewn to order and because we allow personalization, payment is required at the time the order is placed - all credit card and PayPal transactions are processed when you place the order (as opposed to when the order ships).

I see a fabric that I like on the Fabrics page, but it's not available in the dropdown list for the product that I'm ordering...

Some products are not available in every fabric choice. For example, in addition to our standard flannel fabrics, our Toddler Pillows can also be purchased in 100% woven cotton (non-flannel) material, satin, and 320 thread count cotton sateen. Also, certain products just don't seem to sell in some fabrics (for example, we rarely sell baby blankets in the French Vanilla or White colors), so we don't sew stock in those items. If you have a special request for an item in a fabric that is not available in the dropdown list, feel free to contact us to find out if it's possible to have an item custom made in that fabric. Please note that any custom items are non-returnable.

When will my order be ready?

Once we receive your order and payment, if the fabrics selected are currently in stock, orders are processed and usually ready to ship within 5-7 business days depending on the number of current orders. Larger orders may take additional time. Personalized items may require an extra 3-5 days for processing. Typical shipping time to US addresses is usually another 2-4 business days. Please see our Shipping page for more details. As always, let us know if you need an item sooner for a baby shower, birthday gift, etc - we will work extra hard to get your items out by the date needed.

What are the options for Personalization/Embroidery?

We recently added the option to have certain items personalized with up to 2 lines of text for an extra charge. We are now offering personalization/embroidery on our toddler pillows, Bips (security blankets), standard size receiving blankets, supersize toddler blankets, crib sheets, playard sheets, nap mat sheets, and burp cloths. We will also personalize other products at your request - just email us and we'll let you know if it's possible as well as a give you a price quote. Please note that we are note able to personalize our satin pillowcases. Read more detailed information about our Personalization Options.

What are the Reward Points on my email receipt/packing slip?

In February 2009, we added a customer rewards program. All customer orders (except for wholesale) will receive 1 point for every $1 spent in our online store - the points are calculated after any discounts and before shipping. Once you accumulate 200 points, you will automatically receive a $5 gift certificate towards a future purchase in our store. Gift certificates are sent via email approximately 45 days after you reach 200 points (the 45 day window give time to allow for returns/refunds). Points for each individual order will be printed at the bottom of the packing slip included with your shipment. You can log into your BobbleRoos® account to check your total points at any time and to view your order history.

I did not receive any emails or confirmation or my order - how do I know you received it?

Once your order is placed, you will receive an automated order confirmation email from If you paid through PayPal, you will also receive a PayPal confirmation email/receipt. Once your order ships, you will receive an automated email from the shipping carrier (USPS or FedEx) with the details of the shipment. If you did not receive the appropriate confirmations, either an email address was not provided when you placed your order, or sometimes our emails are rerouted to your trash or junk mail. If you wish to receive these confirmation emails, please check your spam/junk mail filters and make sure that we are added to your "safe" list. Also, please note that if you are using a work email address, many corporate email systems have global spam/junk mail filters that prevent these emails from reaching your inbox.

What are the shipping and handling charges?

For shipping and handling to a US or US APO, or Puerto Rico address, we have designed our shopping cart with fixed fees based on the order total as follows:

Product Total - Shipping/Handling Fee

up to $14.99 - $4.95
$15.00 - $39.99 - $6.95
$40.00 - $59.99 - $8.50
$60.00 - $99.99 - $9.95
$100 and up - $11

*All amounts are quoted in US Dollars.

Our primary method of shipping is USPS Priority Mail and/or First Class depending on the size/weight of the package. We ship from Maryland. Transit time is generally 2-5 days and you will receive an email with a delivery confirmation ID (note that "tracking" numbers for USPS shipments only serve to confirm delivery. The number usually does not provide the interim location of the shipment.) We may also use FedEx Ground on larger/heavier boxes (transit time varies by location). Any APO address, or address that uses a PO Box will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping rates quoted are for US locations and US APO addresses.

Shipping to Canada:

We have recently extended our shipping service to Canada. All orders shipped to a Canandian address may require additional processing time to complete all customs forms. We cannot quote exact transit time to Canadian address due to processing through customs (which is out of our control), however feel free to send us an email to get more details for a specific address. All shipping to Canada is Parcel Post/International Ground. Our shopping cart is configured with the correct shipping fees as follows:

up to $14.99 - $8.50
$15.00 - $39.99 - $9.50
$40.00 - $59.99 - $12
$60.00 - $99.99 - $18
$100 - 199.99 - $20
$200 - up - $30

Can I specify where to leave my package, or request "no signature required"?

Delivery location (front porch, garage, side door, etc) is typically at the discretion of the delivery person. We will add a note to the shipping label if requested, however we cannot guarantee that the delivery person will honor your request.

All of our packages are sent without requiring a signature for delivery, however if you are not home at the time of delivery, it is up to the discrection of the delivery person to either leave the package or require pick-up at your local post office (for packages sent USPS Priority Mail).

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! However, our shopping cart is only set up to accept orders for US based addresses, Puerto Rico, Canadad, US APO addresses. If your order is being shipped to Canada or a US APO address, please allow extra processing and delivery time as these orders require customs forms and must pass through the customs system.

My order is a gift. Can you ship it to another address?

Absolutely! We would be happy to ship your gift directly to another recipient. During checkout, just enter the recipient's address as the shipping address, and make sure to include a note in the optional note field (or follow-up your order with an email to us) with a personalized message to the recipient - we'll include your message on a free gift card and omit the packing receipt with any pricing information. We also now offer gift wrapping for $3.95 to $4.95 per item. The Gift Wrap option can be selected during checkout.

What are the care instructions for your products?

Our blankets, toddler pillowcases, and playard sheets are all made out of 100% cotton flannel. Our burp cloths are 4 layers of 100% cotton diaper cloth on one side with our 100% cotton flannel prints on the other side. Our Bips are 100% cotton flannel trimmed with polyester satin. The pillow inserts are made with a 100% polyester non-allergenic fiberfill interior, and a 100% cotton cover over the polyester fiberfill.

We now are also offering pillowcases in certain prints in 100% woven cotton (non-flannel) as well as a 320 thread count 100% cotton sateen, and newly added is the option for satin charmeuse pillowcases.

All products, including the youth pillow and toddler pillow inserts, can be machine washed with like colors on cold/warm, no bleach, and can be tossed in the dryer. When washing the youth and toddler pillow inserts in a High Efficiency (HE) or front load washing machine, please make sure to set the spin cycle to LOW. HE washing machines have a more vigorous spin cycle which may cause the pillow filling to separate and shift. Please use the lowest possible spin cycle to prevent this.

With products made out of 100% cotton, you can expect some slight shrinking. The pillowcases and playard sheets have been made with extra allowances to accomodate shrinking and should fit perfectly after washing and drying. For best results when washing our security blankets (Bips) and satin pillowcases, we recommend making sure that there are no articles with velcro in the same load - velcro can cause snags on the satin fabric.

Laundry Tip: In a study done on laundry detergents and fabric softeners at University of Nebraska, researchers found that when washing cotton flannel fabrics, the use of laundry detergents containing Cellulase Enzymes significantly reduces the pilling common with cotton fabrics, especially flannel. In contrast, the use of rinse cycle softeners (liquid fabric softeners), resulted in an INCREASE of fabric pilling as well as increased fabric breakage or weakening. Dryer sheet softeners did not change the pilling or fabric strength in either way.

For best results when washing our flannel products, you might want to try using a laundry detergent that contains Cellulase Enzymes, and avoiding the use of liquid or rinse cycle fabric softeners. We have contacted many major detergent manufacturers to find out which detergents contain Cellulase Enzymes. To date, the detergents we've found that contain Cellulase Enzymes are: most Tide Powder varieties (not the liquid, and not Tide Ultra varieties for coldwater or HE washing machines), Ivory Snow Powder (not the liquid), and Bold Powder (not the liquid).

Can you provide more details about the toddler pillows? What is the toddler pillow made out of?

Our Toddler Pillows come in various sets with matching blankets and pillowcases, or you can buy the white pillow insert by itself. The pillow inserts measure 12"x16" (approx. 3" thick) and are made with a 100% polyester non-allergenic fiberfill interior, and a 100% cotton covering over the polyester fiberfill. Note that our pillows tend to be flatter than most - we designed them with the feedback of parents and kids who felt that some of the other pillows available are just too thick for little heads and necks. Our pillows are a "medium" loft - not as soft as a feather pillow, but not as firm as a "firm" pillow.

Both the youth and toddler pillow inserts and the pillowcases can be machine washed in cold/warm water and then tossed in the dryer on low/medium heat. The pillow inserts will fluff up slightly after washing, but will compress back down to normal size once used again. When washing, we recommend putting the pillow in along with towels or other bedding as the pillows have a tendency to "float" at the top of the wash. The extra padding in the wash will also help the pillow retain it's shape during the spin cycle. When washing the youth and toddler pillow inserts in a High Efficiency (HE) or front load washing machine, please make sure to set the spin cycle to LOW. HE washing machines have a more vigorous spin cycle which may cause the pillow filling to separate and shift. Please use the lowest possible spin cycle to prevent this.

Most of our pillowcases are 100% cotton flannel material available in a wide variety of prints and solids. We now are also offering certain prints and solids in 100% woven cotton (non-flannel) as well as a 320 thread count 100% cotton sateen, and newly added is the option for satin charmeuse pillowcases. The pillowcase feature an extra flap of fabric inside the pillowcase to cover the top (open side) of the pillow. Read our article about the Top 10 Reasons to Use a Toddler Pillow.

What age is best for a toddler pillow?

Typically, people recommend our toddler pillows for 2 years and up and even then, it's best to check with your pediatrician. Your child's pediatrician will be up to date on changing safety recommendations and will also know your child's heath history including any issues that may impact sleeping, allergies or asthma, etc. Many leading child developmental experts agree that it's best to allow young children to sleep on a flat surface, and when you do introduce a pillow, choose one that is firm, yet flat - nothing too poofy or fluffy. Pick a pillow that is the right porportions for a child, like a 12 x 16 toddler pillow. If you think about it, giving a small child an adult sized pillow is the equivalent of giving an adult a twin or crib mattress as a pillow! Read our entire article about when to give your toddler a pillow.

Can you provide more details about the No-Slip Playard Sheets/Portacrib Sheets? Can the sheets be used on the bassinet feature of my playard?

Our No-Slip Playard Sheet/Portacrib Sheets are made out of the same high quality 100% cotton flannel prints and solids as the rest of our products. The playard sheets are designed like a giant pillow "sham" (or think of a sandwich baggie) and they cover the entire playard board - top and underside. This safety design allows for a secure fit and prevents active children from pulling the sheet off the corners and becoming entangled in a loose sheet. The top side of the playard sheet is made out of a fabric of your choice - either a print or solid, while the underside is typically a solid cream/white stretch fabric. Our No-Slip Playard sheets can be used on standard size (27" x 39") playards or travel yards with a removeable board such as the GRACO Pack 'N Play or Century Fold 'n Go and will also fit standard size portacrib mattresses (2 inches thick).

Yes, our playard sheets can also be used with playards that have a full-sized bassinet feature where the bassinet uses the same board that is used when in "playard" mode. The instructions for using the sheet are the same - wrap the board in our playard sheet and place the board inside the bassinet feature instead of the bottom of the playard.

Note: Our playard sheets are NOT compatible with the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Playard - the board/mattress on this playard is attached and cannot be removed.

Which size baby blanket do you recommend for my child?

We currently sell 2 sizes of blankets:

Standard size blanket (measures approximately 36" x 44") - Larger than most baby blankets, makes an excellent receiving blanket, swadde blanket, stroller blanket, etc. Since it's larger than most, it will grow with your child into toddler-hood. Generally recommened for ages 2 and under. Can be personalized with your child's name. Please note that our blankets made out of our percale (non-flanne)l fabrics are thinner and more like a sheet.
Supersize Toddler Blanket (measures approximately 60" x 44") - Our toddler blanket is a great option for toddlers sleeping in toddler beds or twin-sized beds as an extra cover-up (not quite as big as a twin-sized blanket). Also great for preschool nap time, sleep-overs, etc. Can also be doubled-over for a thicker blanket. Generally recommended for ages 2+. Can be personalized with your child's name. Please note that our blankets made out of our percale (non-flanne)l fabrics are thinner and more like a sheet.
For reference, a crib mattress measures 27" x 52", while a regular twin-sized mattress measures 39" x 75".

What is your return policy?

For most items, we will refund your purchase price, not including shipping, for returned items that are in new condition (unwashed, unused) within 30 days of purchase date. If purchase was made using credit card or PayPal, your account will be credited. If purchase was made using money order/check, a check will be issued and mailed to you. Defective items can be exchanged.

Note: We cannot accept returns of "custom" items. Our custom items include any personalized item and products made out of a fabric that was purchased specifically for your order, or items that have been personalized with a name. Please note that our Bips are considered to be custom items.

What is your privacy policy?

We will not sell your name, email, or any other information to anyone. Read the full details of our Privacy Policy.