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Looking for a unique, yet practical baby gift that will get used daily for years to come? Our personalized baby blankets make the perfect newborn gift or baby shower gift. We carefully select high quality 100% cotton flannel fabrics that are extra soft for cuddling in cute designs that will stimulate and enchant your baby.  We also carry matching toddler pillows and sets to complete any baby room.

Our customers have come up with a variety of uses for our blankets:

  • stroller blanket
  • swaddling blanket
  • nursing cover-up

And our blankets can be easily rolled up compactly to fit in your diaper bag. Our unique baby blankets are available in 2 sizes - standard (36" x 44") and toddler size (supersize - 60" x 44" makes a great toddler blanket for naptime) and can be purchased with our other products in matching sets. Our standard size blankets can also be purchased in a unique 6-Pack of Blankets - a perfect gift for twins or triplets!  All items can be personalized with your child's name which makes them perfect for daycare.

Personalized Toddler Pillows
Toddler Blanket (Supersize) with Toddler Pillow

This set features one of our popular toddler pillow sets (toddler pillow insert plus a pillowcase) with a matching Toddler size (supersize 60" x 44") blanket. The perfect sized toddler blanket and pillow!

$32.50 - $51.40
Baby blankets
Signature 6-Pack of Blankets

Our Signature 6-Pack of Blankets - A unique yet practical gift item

Toddler pillow blanket
Blanket and Toddler Pillow

This set features one of our popular toddler pillows with a matching standard size (35" x 44") blanket.

$26.95 - $45.85
toddler blanket
Toddler Blanket (Supersize)

Our name-sake baby blankets in a larger size for Toddlers (60" L x 44" W)

$17.00 - $32.00
Blanket - Standard Size

Our baby blankets are sewn with care using 100% cotton flannel that gets softer after each washing. We carefully select fabrics that you and your baby will enjoy - bright colors, fun designs, and extra soft for cuddling.

$11.50 - $24.45