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BobbleRoos Toddler Pillow Design


 Using a pillowcase seems pretty straight-forward, right? Well take a  quick look and make sure that you are taking advantage of one of the  coolest features of a BobbleRoos toddler pillowcase.  From time to time,  we receive questions about the inner flap of fabric on our pillowcases  which is sometimes called an envelope style closure (there are many  different variations on this design).   Since it can be hard to describe  the design of our toddler pillowcases, we took a few pictures for a step by step illustration on how to use this inner flap to conceal and protect the toddler pillow inside...(continue reading article

When can my child sleep with a pillow?


 We get asked this question a lot - when is it okay to give my child a  pillow?  With all the safety concerns regarding soft bedding items in  cribs, you have to sift through a lot of changing opinions but most of  the official guidelines really pertain to infants under 12 months of age  (from organizations like The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission,  the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Institute of Child  Health and Human Development) . So does that mean I can give my 13 or 14  month old a pillow at night?  Maybe, but maybe not....(continue reading article) 

Tips and Tricks for Washing Flannel


 Ahhh….flannel, so soft to the touch, perfect for newborn babies’ skin. Brushed flannels (like we sell at BobbleRoos) have a raised fiber surface that makes the fabrics so soft to the touch. However after washing several times, sometimes the fibers get mashed down or worse yet, begin to “pill”. Pilling,  the little raised balls that create a lumpy surface, can be common with  cotton, especially flannel fabrics and any other raised fiber fabrics  (fleece, knits, etc). So how can I preserve my soft flannel blankets and  sheets? We have several tips to help you out. (continue reading article

How to Swaddle - The Aussie Swaddle Technique


 After the birth of both of my sons, it took quite a while to get good at  swaddling. Even with a ton of practice, I was never able to get the  wrap as tight as the nurses at the hospital. These days, there are a lot  of special swaddling wraps and blankets out there (I tried a few with  my second son), but I still think a good old fashioned cotton blanket  works the best and is the most practical since it has so many other uses  after those swaddling days are over...(continue reading article

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Toddler Pillow


In my previous post, I discussed how to choose a toddler pillow and  when to start using one. I hear lots of input from parents so here are  some of the best uses that I've heard for our toddler pillows:

  1. Use with kids (2+ years old) prone to ear infections or sinus troubles, or during cold/flu season
    Pediatricians sometimes recommend a toddler pillow for a little extra  elevation of the head during sleep to help promote drainage (please  check with your pediatrician first!). (continue reading article)