About Us

BobbleRoos® is our brand name, owned by RS Kids, Inc., a mom-owned business based in Maryland just outside of Washington DC. We have customers in 50 states plus Washington DC as well as internationally (Ireland, Canada, Puerto Rico, Germany, Okinawa Japan, Marshall Islands, England, Italy, South Africa, India, Bahamas). Our products are used in several daycare facilities across the United States, as well as the in-room cribs at a Hyatt Regency hotel in the Washington DC area. In addition to our website, our products are sold through several online boutiques including our Amazon.com storefront. We also have several retail locations across the US carrying our products.

The company is owned and run by Renee Sirulnik - an entrepreneurial mom who has always loved sewing and creating things. Renee was surrounded by sewing her whole life - one grandma was a seamstress who worked in a garment factory in PA, while the other grandma was always crafting and working on a new creative project. Renee's mom is an avid watercolor artist as well as seamstress and generally creative person - the type of mom who made everything from bedroom curtains to fancy Easter dresses, Halloween and school-play costumes. She also designed and made Renee's wedding dress. Renee's dad is creative in a different way - teaching her how to think "outside of the box" and come up with new ways to solve problems - to "invent" things using everyday objects.

Prior to starting BobbleRoos®, Renee worked for 12+ years for software companies as a technical writer developing user guides and other documentation for computer software. While pregnant with her second child in late 2004, Renee decided to leave the computer field and focus full-time on growing her family as well as her business.


We strive to offer unique and yet practical gift items for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers with top notch customer service. All of our products are professionally sewn on a small scale in the USA. Our product line includes toddler pillows, playard sheets, baby blankets, toddler blankets, burp cloths, crib sheets, and more. We spend a lot of time choosing fabrics and only buy from manufacturers with a reputation for high quality fabrics and fun designs. We try to buy materials made here in the USA when possible, and especially like to support smaller mom-owned or family-run business. All of our products are designed with input from parents and children. We offer personalization (embroidery) on most of our product to truly create a custom item that your child will love for years to come.


We respect and value our customers and will always work hard to ensure satisfaction. Personal information will never be sold or disclosed.

At BobbleRoos®, we are focused on customers - offering the best possible products at competitive prices with personal attention to each customer. We are more than happy to work with you on a special order or custom request, as we have done for many of my customers. If you receive an order that is not quite what you expected, we will work with you to make sure that you are satisfied.


During the spring of 2000, the first of Renee's friends was taking the plunge into parenthood - with TWINS! For her baby shower, guests were asked to bring something stress relieving for the mother-to-be. Renee brought a 6-pack - but not just a regular 6-pack, a 6-pack of blankets for her precious new babies. Renee created six baby blankets presented in a cardboard 6-pack carrier covered in wrapping paper. The 6-pack of blankets was the hit of the shower, so she created a few more for other girlfriends also having babies that year.

Renee started to get feedback from friends about how much they loved the baby blankets. Friends (and their babies) preferred her baby blankets to some of the designer baby blankets they had received as gifts. They said that the generous size made the baby blankets so versatile, and the fabrics were so soft, colorful, and fun. As their babies grew, they enjoyed naming the animals, shapes, and colors on the baby blankets. And most importantly, they loved cuddling with the soft and cozy baby blankets into toddler-hood.

In January 2002, Renee had her first child and experienced first-hand how wonderful and versatile BobbleRoos® blankets are. As any mom with a newborn will attest (especially a mom of a newborn with reflux!), Renee found that she was ALWAYS doing laundry and couldn't seem to have enough clean/dry baby blankets around. Renee also started making burp cloths which have become a big hit as well.

BobbleRoos® was officially launched (part-time) in Spring 2003 under the name Mr. Bobbles' Blankets. Renee was still working full-time in the computer field, but realized that she had a potentially great business idea to pursue. Within a few months of launching her new part-time business, Renee was shipping baby blankets up and down the East coast, out to the West coast, and even as far as South Africa and India! We now also have customers in all 50 States plus Washington DC, Ireland, Canada, Okinawa Japan, Puerto Rico, Marshall Islands, Bahamas, England, Italy and Germany. Our products are also used in several different daycare facilities across the United States, as well as the in-room cribs at a Hyatt Regency hotel in the Washington DC area.

In late 2004, Renee found out that she was pregnant with her second son and decided to leave the computer field and devote her time and energy to her growing family and business. Renee gave birth to her second son in early 2005 and he also loved being swaddled and cuddled in her blankets. Those spit-up and swaddling days are now gone, but both of her sons still love their blankets. Her youngest son was attached to his Bips (security blanket) and used them to comfort and soothe himself before falling asleep. We have also added toddler pillows, no-slip playard sheets, washlcoths, bips, burp cloths, nap mat sheets, and larger supersize blankets for older kids. Because the product line was growing beyond just blankets, Renee changed the brand name to BobbleRoos in 2010. Renee has personally used all of the products on an almost daily basis and can attest to the practicality, durability, and cuteness!


When Renee's first son was born, he tried to lift his head on the very first day. Early on, he was so active and determined to move, roll, and kick. He was so wobbly and bobbly that she started calling him Mr. Bobbles, which quickly became his official nickname. Since that time, we have branched out beyond blankets and in 2010, Renee decided to incorporate her second son's nickname (Roo) into the brand name as well.


We have lots of ideas at BobbleRoos® for new product lines. Stay tuned and keep checking back with us frequently to see what's new. Our best product ideas come from parents, so we'd love to hear from you with ideas and suggestions!

Thanks so much for supporting a mom-owned, made in the USA business!!