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When should I use a toddler pillow?

Toddler Pillows are perfect for your child aged 2 and up - toddlers LOVE items that are just their size, so why not give your child a toddler pillow to sleep with? Our Toddler Pillows have quickly become one of our best sellers and have become a favorite with parents and kids.  Available in fun designs that your child will love, our Toddler Pillow Set comes with a toddler sized pillow insert (12 x16 ) as well as your choice of pillowcase (extra pillowcases and toddler pillow and blanket sets are also available). Both the pillowcase and the toddler pillow insert can be machine-washed. (also see What is the best age for a toddler pillow?).  So here are some of our favorite times and ways to use a toddler pillow:

  1. Use a toddler pillow with kids (2+ years old) prone to ear infections or sinus troubles, or during cold/flu season
    Pediatricians sometimes recommend a toddler pillow for a little extra elevation of the head during sleep to help promote drainage (please check with your pediatrician first!).

  2. Send a toddler pillow to child's daycare/preschool for naptime
    Your child will feel special and have a comfort object from home.  Also, the fabrics are unique so the pillow won't get lost. Now available with Personalization to add your child's name!

  3. Use toddler pillows as a special pillow for overnight stays at Grandma's house;
    Purchase a special toddler pillowcase just for use at Grandma’s house – your child will see it as a special treat and have fond memories.

  4. Use our toddler pillows as a travel pillow for toddlers (also perfect travel pillow for adults!)
    Our travel sized pillows are a must for long rides in the car seat or airplane trips;

  5. Use our toddler pillow with our satin pillowcases to reduce tangled hair
    Using a satin pillowcase helps the hair glide easily over the fabric thus reducing tangles in hair!  Great tip for adults too.

  6. Toddler Pillows are a great gift idea for big brother or big sister when a new baby arrives
    Do you have a baby shower coming up and want to get something for the big brother or big sister too?  Get a toddler pillow personalized with the child's name and pair it with a sweet goodnight book, stuffed animal or decorative nightlight for a great gift.

  7. Give a toddler pillow as a baby gift along with a matching receiving blanket or burp cloth set
    Before baby is old enough to have a baby pillow while sleeping, a toddler pillow is great for extra support when nursing or bottle feeding. Also great for padding when baby is learning to sit up.

  8. 12x16 toddler pillows are the perfect size to use as a toddler bed pillow
    Want a great way to transition from the crib to the toddler bed?  A toddler pillow can help to make the transition to the toddler bed easier and more fun!

  9. A toddler pillow can help soothe a fussy child at night
    We’ve even heard from parents that they used our toddler pillows to help convince their toddler that he/she is now a big boy/girl and to give up their binkys (pacifiers) at night!

  10. Okay, now for mom’s turn - toddler pillows are great for mommy too - even before baby arrives!
    When you are in your last timester,  it's just hard to get comfortable and you can never seem to have too many pillows.  Place toddler pillow behind mommy's lower back or neck for extra back support while rocking, feeding, driving, etc. Because our toddler pillows also make great travel pillows - put one in your suitcase for the hospital.  I took one to the hospital with me for comfort during labor and delivery, and also found it to be valuable in the hospital while nursing. Our bright and colorful pillowcases will ensure that it doesn't get lost or left behind. I currently use a toddler pillow with a satin pillowcase as my travel pillow.

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