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When can I give my toddler a pillow? How can I encourage my toddler to sleep better?

Toddler Pillows are a favorite with toddlers/preschoolers, parents AND pediatricians! We hear from many parents telling us about how a perfectly sized toddler pillow makes a big difference in sleeping habits, helping both the child and parent get more restful sleep.

So when can my toddler start using a pillow? We typically recommend our toddler pillows for ages 2 years and up, but it's best to check with your pediatrician first. Your pediatrician will be up to date on changing safety recommendations but more importantly, they will also know your child's heath history including any issues that may impact your toddler's sleep, including allergies or asthma, muscle tone, neck and head control, etc.  Some pediatricians will recommend a toddler pillow to slightly elevate a child's head during colds or after frequent ear infections requiring ear tubes to help promote drainage. But always check with your pediatrician first to know if your child is ready for a pillow.

Our toddler pillow inserts measure 12x16 (approx. 3" high) and can be purchased alone or in gift sets with extra pillowcases and matching toddler blankets. Our toddler pillow inserts are custom made and are lightly filled with 100% non-allergenic polyester fiberfill, covered with a durable white cotton fabric. Our toddler pillowcases are made out of your choice of fabrics - soft and durable 100% cotton flannel, 320 thread count cotton, percale cottons, or satin pillowcases for the ultimate luxury. Made in the USA. Machine washable. Personalization available. 

Our toddler pillows also make great travel pillows for kids of all ages (and adults), and make a great youth pillow for sleepovers, camp, or slumber party gifts.  If your child already has a toddler pillow and you are looking for a larger youth pillow, check out our larger 16x20 Youth Pillows. Pricing starts at $17.50 for a toddler pillow and pillowcase set, plain pillow inserts are also available starting at $7.99.


toddler pillows
One of a Kind Toddler Pillow Set

One of a  Kind clearance sale - this set is perfect for your toddler - one of our famous toddler pillow inserts (12x16) with a pillowcase in your choice of fabrics.

Was: $17.50 - $24.45
Now: $14.00 - $20.95
Personalized Toddler Pillows
Toddler Blanket (Supersize) with Toddler Pillow

This set features one of our popular toddler pillow sets (toddler pillow insert plus a pillowcase) with a matching Toddler size (supersize 60" x 44") blanket. The perfect sized toddler blanket and pillow!

$32.50 - $51.40
Standard (adult) Size Pillowcase

Pillowcase to fit a standard size (adult) bed pillow.

$12.95 - $24.90
youth pillowcases
Youth Pillowcase 16x20

Extra pillowcases to fit our new Youth sized pillow 16x20.

$12.50 - $23.50
toddler pillow youth pillow
Youth Pillow 16x20

16x20 Youth Pillows on Backorder until 10/1/18

BobbleRoos Exclusive! Outgrown that toddler pillow? Our Youth Pillow is a larger version of our popular toddler pillow - in between a toddler pillow and a standard size pillow measuring 16 x 20.

toddler pillow protector allergy cover
Pillow Protector (Allergen)

Our allergen pillow protector is a zippered case made out of special fabric to fit our toddler and youth pillow inserts and is excellent for children with allergies.

$7.95 - $9.95
Satin Toddler Pillows
Extra Pillowcase - Satin

Luxurious satin pillowcases to fit our 12x16 toddler pillows - available in ivory, pink, blue, and now lavendar.

$10.95 - $17.90
Toddler pillowcases
Extra Pillowcase - Percale

These extra pillowcases are sewn with care using 100% cotton desginer percale fabrics (non-flannel) designed to fit our 12x16 Toddler sized pillows.

$12.50 - $19.45
Toddler pillow blanket
Blanket and Toddler Pillow

This set features one of our popular toddler pillows with a matching standard size (35" x 44") blanket.

$26.95 - $45.85
Toddler pillow
Toddler Pillow Insert (12x16)

After years of searching for just the right toddler pillow insert and armed with the feedback of our loyal customers, we partnered with a major pillow manufacturer to design our own exclusive Toddler Pillow Insert 12x16. 

Toddler Pillowcases
Extra Pillowcase

Available in fun designs that your child will love, our toddler pillowcases are sewn with care using 100% cotton flannel that gets softer after each washing. Our Extra Pillowcases fit our Toddler Pillow insert that measure 12”x16”.

$9.50 - $21.45
toddler pillow
Toddler Pillow Set

Best Seller - this set is perfect for your toddler - one of our famous toddler pillow inserts (12x16) with a pillowcase in your choice of fabrics.

$18.50 - $30.45

My child is ready to sleep with a pillow - how do I choose? A toddler pillow can also be a great transitional tool when your child is moving from the crib to a toddler bed.  For many kids, this happens around ages 2-3 (and may coincide with potty training).  Some parents say they knew their child was ready for a pillow when they started balling up a blanket to sleep on or using a stuffed animal as a pillow.  Let your child pick out their favorite fabric for the pillowcase and don't worry about it matching a certain room color or bedding theme.  Pick a fabric that they will form an attachment to (trucks, fish, butterflies, etc) and let them cuddle up with the pillow during the day as well as night.  We can also embroider the pillowcase with your child's name to make it more personal and unique. Continue reading more in our recent blog post....